HealingMed is the new name of BioCardio. The company has always searched for adjustments and improvements over the more than 30 years in the market. The new brand consolidates the strategy of expanding to several specialties in the health area, in addition to the cardiac surgery market, where HealingMed started its operations.

The logo design is formed by four geometric figures in a circle, representing human being’s different types of health (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). The colours represent the cure (green) and HealingMed’s origin “in the heart” (lilac). These symbolisms express how HealingMed is committed to the improvement and development of human being.

The company was founded in 1987 by Mr. José Lessa Neto and Mrs. Maria Elena da Rocha Neto in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In its early years, HealingMed focused its efforts on the cardiovascular surgery market, becoming the first company in the country to develop the market for cannulas specialized in cardiac surgery. In addition, the company introduced the innovative centrifugal pump, which was developed to aid extracorporeal circulation.

Over the years, the development of HealingMed has allowed its operations to expand to other surgical specialties: neurosurgery, thoracic surgery, general surgery, transplants and vascular surgery. This progress led to the expansion of its facilities in the year of 2000, when a branch in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, was opened. Since its foundation, HealingMed has always been committed to working with high quality products, standing out as one of the main importers and distributors in the Brazilian market.

Innovation, technology and humanized care are still the focus of HealingMed, which seeks to keep in constant contact with the main medical centrers in Brazil and abroad. HealingMed also participates in congresses and fairs in Brazil, USA and Europe, and furthermore, the company maintains partnerships with suppliers and distributors in research and development projects.

The main objectives of HealingMed are customers satisfaction and appreciation of employees and civil society. In order to achieve these goals, the company is committed to quality and improvement in matters of health, safety, well-being and environment that are related to its products, processes and people. Also, it constantly keeps updating with market trends and it offers safe surgical techniques, as well as advanced treatment alternatives that are available worldwide.

Our Mission

To provide products certified for their quality and performance, offering real improvement in the treatment of patients. This achievement is ensured by our commitment to the refresher training service, offered to clients in medical centres.

Our Vision

To be present, in up to five years, throughout the Brazilian territory, being a reference in humanized and ethical service, through the ackowledgement from our partners, which is ensured by quality control systems and compliance.

Our Values

• Authenticity

• Courage

• Diligence

HealingMed is a company committed, on principle, to quality and improvement in matters of health, safety, well-being and the environment, related to its people, products and processes.

The main objectives of the company are the satisfaction of its customers and the appreciation of employees and civil society. For this reason, the Compliance department carries out actions to ensure integrity and to keep a constant vigilance on the application of these practices.